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Individually Owned Apartments

Condo amenities can vary a little more as it’ll come down to what the landlord wishes to provide under the terms of the individual lease. Condo id basically one living unit that is located on a common piece of property that is co-owned by a number of other condo owners. Rental condominiums are less likely to have the issues associated with building age like Wear and tear in common areas and occasional pest issues because the individual condo owned by the owner is timely well maintained. Condo associations have a reputation for being very strict when it comes to the rules of the property, particularly when it comes to items that are visible to the outside community.
Condo for rent Kuala Lumpur often means interfacing directly with the owner as your landlord, which could be a blessing as there would be no intermediate who will earn from you. Condo are centrally located which means they are in the neighbourhood friendly zone and have all the important amenities near it. Condos can be less expensive than leasing a house or another type of rental. In other words, a condo owner shares ownership of just about everything located on the property with others, including the roof and staircases.


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