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Shah Alam was the first planned city of Malaysia after its independence from the British rule. It gained prominence and became the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia. Because of its strategic location it grew rapidly and saw very vast development. The infrastructure and amenities that were introduced in Shah Alam were no less than any other global city and this is why the business and commercial activity in the city saw a major boom that continues till date. Because Shah Alam is situated within the Petaling district and the Klang district it is considered as an important city as it enjoys the best of both worlds.

Education and healthcare in Shah Alam are at the top level and the city is considered as an education hub today. The residential areas in the city are well planned with almost no flaws to it. If you are in search for a rental accommodation in Shah Alam you will definitely find the rental house of your choice within your budget although with some professional help of course. House rent in Shah Alam is different from one area to the other and the location of the house matters a lot in defining its suitable rent. You will have to find a house through a professional company so that you may get the right house with the right rent.


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