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Happy living in the first planned City of Malaysia

The city of Shah Alam is the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia and enjoys its position within the Petaling district and shares a little portion with the neighboring Klang district. When Kuala Lumpur was titled as the federal capital of Malaysia it was replaced by Shah Alam as a capital of Selangor. When Malaysia became independent of the British rule, Shah Alam was the first planned city of the country. Today it is one of the most advanced cities of Malaysia and enjoys high standards of infrastructure and amenities. The quality of life in Shah Alam is extremely good and the city is well planned with residential and commercial centers all over the city. It is also an education hub with the presence of many top quality schools, colleges and universities and the industry also is filled with the presence of multinational brands.

House rental in Shah Alam has seen rise as many immigrants and people wishing to work, live and study in Shah Alam come to the city. The residential areas are extremely well planned and the commercial centers are scattered within the residential areas making it highly convenient for the residents. Those wishing to find a good accommodation in Shah Alam need to do it with the help of the best in the trade. Speedrent is one of the best service providers and if you need a house on rent or wish to let out your house on rent then it is never a problem. Speedrent can help you get the best house rental in Shah Alam.


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