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Puchong: the shining town

A major town in the Petaling District, Selangor, Malaysia and a parliamentary constituency, Puchong has become the lifeline of commercial activities in the surrounding area. It is said that immigrants from Sumatra and Java first explored the area finding work in fishing and mining etc. The tin industry saw a boom suddenly and workers from parts of Asia such as China were brought in. Puchong saw rapid transformation with time once the mining came to a halt and infrastructural development saw a rise.


Puchong became a major town from a small one as it saw increase in infrastructure and the said development there was a witness to the growth of population and work as more and more immigrants started to come to the town and settled here for good. With the development of industrial parks, residential belts and commercial centers all along the Jalan Puchong, the town has seen a startling growth and urbanization. Rental house in Puchong is a major source of income for many residents who wish to make a little extra. The houses are rented all over the town to many who can’t afford to purchase their own. The rental business has seen a sudden rise as Puchong is home to a lot of commercial activities hosting jobs for a major portion of society in the area. The town provides all the basic necessities and fulfils all the needs and so has become a famous destination.


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