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Luxury living at non-luxury prices!

What Can You Afford? Having luxury amenities is nice, but do your rent fit into your monthly budget? If no, condos should be our ultimate choice. Condos are shared properties, meaning they are buildings that contain individual living units. It is time that you make your choice. The choice that whether you want to buy a high maintenance apartment or a reasonable condos. In a condo, each unit is owned by one individual. It is like homeownership, but in a shared building rather than a single family home on a lot. There are tangible differences between apartment rental and condominium rental to weigh when making your choice of applications.


Rental condominiums are less likely to have the issues associated with building age like Wear and tear in common areas, occasional pest issues, water pipe corrosion, disruptive noise due to ongoing heavy maintenance, less efficient heating and ventilation systems, and more.Condo rentals Kuala Lumpur is a great alternative to living in an apartment complex.The decision of whether to buy or rent a condo doesn’t have to be all about money, but it tends to circle back to it. Consider what it would cost you, up front, to buy a condo versus renting one.You may find you have more than one room to negotiate your rent.

While common maintenance tasks can fall behind in a rental apartment building unpainted walls, un-replaced carpets, sidewalks going unsalted in the winter. But maintenance standards are often higher in a condominium building.Most condominiums are owned by private owners, and private owners often have a bigger emotional and financial investment in the property. This can mean that you property will be maintained better or at the very least that you will have your landlords personal attention at all times.


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