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Move to Ampang

Malaysia is not only the tech hub but it has opened too many residential options as well. You can find accommodation in any part of the country. Ampang is one of the most popular and beautiful cities of Malaysia.


All the basic and luxurious facilities can be enjoyed at affordable prices in Ampang. Speedrent is an online rental portal where you can look for house for rent in Ampang, Petaling Jaya and other Malaysian cities. The portal is very easy to use. It provides various filters using which you can shunt out the relevant property options. Even if you don’t want a house on rent, you can still use Speedrent i.e. when you have a portion or property to let.

If you have a space which you feel is being wasted, then turn it out into an investment. Post an ad on Speedrent with all details and interested people will contact you directly. There is absolutely no involvement of any broker or middleman who asks for commission. Also, if you are wondering about the portal fees, then you don’t need to bother about it too. Rather, you would be surprised to know that the portal offers you discount of 50% on your first rent.


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